Healing Happens

“The first session with Cassandra changed my life. She introduces you to yourself and if you are willing guides you to your inner wisdom, your own personal prescription, healing and clarity.” ~Randall

“You have helped me more in 2 hours than 20 years of therapy. Thank you!” ~Bridgette

“You helped me so much Cassandra! you gave me access to a part of myself that i thought had been lost. The part of me that is able to reconnect with my child self. The experience was more valuable to me than I can describe with words. Thank you.” ~Ian

“What a profound impact you have had on my life. Your heart has polished my heart. When I was lost you helped to find me and breathe new life into me again. The work you do is that of the Angels.” ~Amanda

“After a series of hard challenges throughout the year and attacks of negative energies leaving me emotionally withdrawn, Cassandra through a Reiki Session allowed me to release these negative energies and emotions and was also left feeling emotionally very well balanced. I was also given a glimpse of what’s ahead and a glorious future awaits and I will be deeply connected with a new partner and a beautiful loving soul.” – JD

“It’s all about energy & Cassandra shares the best energy!” ~Jennifer

“Reiki with Cassandra is amazing! After my session, I slept like a baby! This was my first experience with reiki, and I must say, it is so relaxing. Cassandra’s gentle and caring personality is also such a great fit for this energy work. I felt at ease, comforted, and supported the whole time. I’m on-the-go person who never sits still, so getting a time to breathe and fully be aware of my body was a treat. I felt my energy shift during the body work; I felt reset in my attitude, more calmness, gentleness about myself and others. I had a great night sleep and woke up feeling optimistic and centered the next day. I can’t wait for my next session!” ~ Lisa R.

“Cassandra has created a beautiful, sacred space where deep relaxation and rejuvenation is cultivated while in loving hands! I left my session with feeling tranquil and wholly balanced.” ~Cindy

“My first experience with Reiki was amazing, thanks to Cassandra. She has all the qualities I revere in a natural health practitioner; she is kind, listens, is professional, knowledgable and has a calming energy. I went into the session simply wanting to give Reiki a try. She explained the practice to me and even provided me educational materials to take with me. I came in a bit wound up from my day at work. She helped me set intentions for my session and I left feeling so relaxed. I had the most wonderful deep, restful sleep that night and woke up with a renewed optimism. If you are even slightly curious, give Reiki a try. You’ll be glad you did!” ~Cindy S.


“Thank you, for an amazing session! I came to you when I was emotionally stressed and left feeling very relaxed and in a state of well-being. You are truly a gifted healer.” ~ M.B.